Friday, 26 September 2014

Raspberry Pi B+ GPIO compatibility

There are many plug in boards for the Raspberry Pi model B (2 x 13 pin connector) which are now not compatible with the Model B+ as this has 2 x 20 pin connector. Even if they plug in, they can interfere with some of the components as the position of the GPIO has moved.

Fortunately the entire Custard Pi range is compatible with the Model A, B and the Model B+.

The images below show the Custard Pi range plugged into the Raspberry Pi model B+ GPIO.

Custard Pi 1 - Break out board with built in protection for the Raspberry Pi

Custard Pi 2 - Analogue and digital I/O for the Raspberry Pi

Custard Pi 3 - 8 analogue (using 12 bit A to D) input card with stackable connector for the Raspberry Pi
Custard Pi 6 - 8 Relay card with ribbon connector for the Raspberry Pi
Custard Pi 7 - Hardware Hackers interface for the Raspberry Pi

Summary: It doesn't matter if you have a Raspberry Pi that you bought last year stuck in a cupboard or just bought a new B+ model. The Custard Pi range will work with the old or the new.

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